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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quotation for a party?

Just fill out the party enquiry form, with the requisite information (particularly telephone number) and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Why can’t I run in the playcentre?

Running on the hard floors or across bridges in the play structure is not permitted as children may fall, or collide with someone or something leading to injury.

Can I play in the play structure with my child?

Yes, this is permitted for parents or childminders in the baby and toddler areas only. Authorised special needs assistants are permitted to enter all areas of play. This is done to ensure that no adult inadvertantly bumps a child or frightens another child.

Is the place supervised?

Parents are required to supervise their children while at play.  This is a requirement of all Play Centres in Ireland.  Additional supervision is provided by our team for specific items, such as parties, sumo and boats, as and when required.

Do we have to pre-book to come in to play?

No, just come on in.  Parties require extra supervision, and we need to roster extra staff for these.  But we’re well staffed to accommodate your requirements on a day to day basis

Why does my child have to wear socks?

We insist that children & adults with small children wear socks at all times. This is for reasons of personal hygiene and also your child’s safety. We also require that ladies do not wear high heels so they do not inadvertently stand on a child’s foot!! If you have no socks we sell both adults and children’s socks at reception for only €1 per pair.

With twins do you charge for one or two people? Do you have special prices for special needs? Why do you charge for under 1 year, 2 years or 3 years?

At Tricky Tricksters Magic Castle we treat all children as equals. Every child is important and special needs or twins are equally important. Any child who wishes to play must be checked in having paid the appropriate fee. Facilities have been designed for both able bodied and children with special needs. Special needs children often require special resources, assistance or additional staffing. We also provide that special needs assistants are also covered by our insurances. We give all of our little guests unlimited play time up to closing time. If your child is too small to play but wishes to stay with Mum and watch other siblings play then there is no fee. Should you change your mind and wish for your small child to play then they must be checked in and pay the relevant fee. This is a fire safety requirement. We have adopted these measures  in consideration for your child’s well being.

What time do you open and close?

Opening times will be displayed weekly to reflect seasonality, closure for Easter, Christmas and New Year etc.

How much to play?

Our full prices can be found by selecting Prices from the top menu or clicking here:


Please note:

Socks must be worn at all times. Only food & drinks purchased at Tricky Tricksters Magic Castle may be consumed on the premises.

Terms & conditions apply. Please read rules of play on entry.


Prices for play time – unlimited up to closing time!!!