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Laser Mania

Laser Mania at Tricky Trickster's Magic Castle

Laser Mania is a cool activity for birthday parties for children 8 years or older and for clubs such as girl guides, boy scouts, sporting organisations etc. Easy laser gun/phaser is fitted with an lcd display screen indicating scores. This party activity includes 30 minutes soft ball soccer and sumo, 30 minutes meal time and 60 minutes laser tag in our super play structure and bumpy boats. This activity is an ideal evening for 16 year old birthday parties. Parties for older age groups are agreed separately by management.

Each gun is set with 200 points at the start of each game.

Games are set for 4 minutes or 10 minutes at a time.

Games are run as a free for all, relays or teams.

There are no body packs or cables.

Each gun displays its own score.

Every time you score by hitting another gun with your laser dot(shot) you will receive 49 points.

Every time you receive a hit you lose 10 points.

Every time you fire a shot you lose one shot.

In team games and relay games the scores are added together.

Meals are included for all the participants  and also nibbles for the 2 parents.

Games are run on all three levels of the soft play area and also from the bumpy boats with a driver and a gunner.


The laser mania inflatable arena is available for private hire for a birthday party or family occasion or alternatively for large events for corporate or field days. Dimensions –  45 ft x 35 ft.

Prices range from €350 for private parties to €600 for corporate events with full supervision for up to 4 hours.

We also cater for larger groups, clubs and custom packages by arrangement, call us on 045 409192, or contact us by email